Vigilant Guard 14, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013.

MCSC in partnership with the Maine Air National Guard were able to provide simulated and real cyber events to private industry, local, state and federal agencies as part of the Vigilant Guard 14 disaster exercise by leveraging students and computer facilities from within the University of Maine System. In all previous drills of this nature the cyber event was confined to a "range" with results reported to other participants and these rarely, if ever, involved teams from multiple organizations.

The event was a success because:

  • We were able to integrate cyber events with other activities and thus provide a more realistic experience for the participants in VG14 and enabling them to complete some of their annual training goals thus saving money, time while improving the participants ability to respond to various forms of disasters.

  • Students gained work experience both within the cyber security and related fields along with the planning and execution of complex exercises.

  • The Maine Cyber Security Cluster, housed on the USM campus, proved that it was able to act as a nexus of contact between the University of Maine System, private industry,, local, state and federal agencies in the field of cyber security.

Two near term tangible outgrowths of the VG14 work will be a pair of classes targeting cyber security education and outreach within Maine.

The firstof these classes will be a 4 hour event aimed at individuals and small organizations that wish to experience a cyber event and respond within a controlled environment.

The second of these classes will be a longer term "mini VG14" that will enable an organization to:

  • Integrate a cyber event into a larger disaster drill

  • Complete some of their annual cyber training

  • Test mutual aid for cyber events

The "mini VG14" will also expose students from the University of Maine System to working with government and industry partners.